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But if you don’t have enough time to choose, the Angelcare Baby Movement and Sound Monitor is our top pick (TOP-15 of Amazon Bestsellers in Baby Monitor category).

 Angelcare Baby Movement and Sound Monitor reviewAngelcare-Baby-Movement-and-Sound-MonitorWe have used Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor Deluxe Plus, Auqa/White
for less than a month now.

At around 4AM Friday morning, the alarm sounded, then stopped, and then sounded again after getting into the room. Our baby was congested and having trouble breathing. He was so congested that he couldn’t even cry. It took 10 minutes to suction everything out of his nose with saline drops before he could cry again.

Our alarm clock wasn’t set to go off until over an hour later. He was a little unusual that morning in his feeding demands (12 oz. over 4.5 hours instead of about 4-6 oz. during that time!) but then was fine again.

I never even thought about congestion causing an alarm but it can happen and can be just as dangerous as SIDS if it results in the inability to breathe!

Angelcare-Baby-Movement-and-Sound-Monitor-Byuer_PhotoI noticed when I turned on the parent unit that night that it was a little warmer than usual in there at 78 degrees but it seemed perfectly comfortable to us. The causes were likely that the vent was closed so as much A/C couldn’t get in there (even though the door of the room is open all the time) – which we didn’t remember to open when the room became occupied by the baby.

Also, we had been shopping for a humidifier because we have to have one in our bedroom and run it all night (and if it runs out of water, it generally wakes us up because we become congested) but weren’t happy with anything we found and wanted to keep searching.

I picked very quickly that night and spent more than I wanted to. It was just an emergency by that time. Thankfully, this just happened to line up with when we had plenty of money to spare so that we could buy the humidifier without thinking twice about it. This should have happened before now (because it is finally starting to get to be in the 70s instead of 90s during the day) but didn’t for whatever reason. Pretty sure it was our guardian angel.

We have been using the monitor for 3 weeks now nightly. Previously, he was in a bassinet in our bedroom for 5 weeks. My husband’s mom has sleep apnea so we wanted to get extra peace of mind should our baby also turn out to be afflicted.

At first, we were hesitant about buying this because it was not DECT and we have a lot of interference in our house due to the wireless network and the gigantic power lines about 500 feet from our house. Our regular cordless phones were completely messed over and we replaced them with DECT and they still get some interference in communicating with the base when near the computers.

We have not had any interference much to our surprise. There have been 2 times that the alarm has gone off and both were the first night. All we can figure out is that our baby rolled too far off the sensor pad. He was up against the wood slats (but not so much that breathing would be hampered) both times we went in there and was completely asleep until we woke him up by rushing in there and turning on the light. We now put him down the other direction (feet to the front of the crib) to give him more rolling space and haven’t had any alarms since then.

We were wondering about buying 1 or 2 remotes and ultimately decided 1 is sufficient. We still think this is the case. We keep it on a table in our bedroom where we can both see it. The sound quality makes it sound just like he is in the room with us still. We don’t (or at least haven’t yet) use it for naps so we are only using it at night. He only is napping on the weekends at our house since he is at daycare and completely awake after he comes home.

Angelcare-Baby-Movement-and-Sound-Monitor-Byuer-Photo-UnitMy biggest concern with Angelcare Baby Movement and Sound Monitor is that we just shut the unit off so that we don’t have to listen to the reminder beeps every minute or so that the parent unit is on hold for middle-of-the-night feedings and diaper changes. In the morning when we take him out of the crib for the day we also shut the monitor (so the alarm doesn’t go off) and the parent unit (to conserve batteries) off; at night when we lay him down, we turn the unit on again.

There have been a few times when I lay down in bed and glance over and realize that I have not turned on the parent unit. I am concerned that he may stop breathing when we are sleep deprived and forget to turn the units back on after a feeding.

Of course, the units have to work like this because if he is not in the crib, the sensor pad does not detect movement so the alarm is supposed to sound. So, all I can do is try my hardest to remember to turn all of the units on when I go to bed and to turn all of them off in the morning.

If only the parent unit would wait like 5 minutes to do a reminder beep rather than every minute it would be less worrisome because we would just put it on hold and wouldn’t be counting on our sleep-deprived selves to remember to turn on the monitor after a middle-of-the-night diaper change or feeding.

And, I get that the beeping and alarms are loud to get your attention but when it is so loud that I shut the unit off just to avoid listening to the annoying beeps while doing a late-night feeding, it is too loud. A typical feeding for our little guy currently takes about 40 minutes. That would be a minimum of 40 ear-piercing beeps. And, both baby and me are supposed to be able to go back to sleep after listening to 40+ of those beeps?

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Here are some other buyers reviews on Angelcare Baby Movement and Sound Monitor from
Anne Wiser
This was a gift to friends who just had a baby. A little over a year ago their 4 month old baby died during the night. When they were again expecting I promised to buy them one of these as maybe their little one could have been saved if they had had one of these at the time. As soon as their new daughter was home they began using this and they love it and are so greatful.
By Gman
My wife and I used angel care for all three of our children. For my first child who is now 6, the alarm went off only twice in the 4 years we used it on him, and both times he was not breathing. When he went in for his first shots, he had an allergic reaction to the shots. My mother in law even said that he was breathing funny. We realized that his breathing was not normal. We just took this as him being sick with nothing out of normal. That night the alarm went off. we went into his room and he was not breathing. When we shook him, he started gasping for air. About an hour later it went off again and we did the same thing, shook him. He again gasp for air. That was the only time it went off on him, when he had an allergic reaction to the shots he received earlier that day. We bought a second angel care for my daughter when she was born.

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